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Three Years On..

So, three years on. Where have I been?  The past three years since last writing on this blog, a loot has changed in my life. I left school after completing my A Levels, and went straight into full time work for Clarks, shortly being promoted to Team Leader to Assistant Manager. Despite how fun this became working with all my friends, I shortly realised that this job wasn't for me. I really struggled to find a job from Clarks (I didn't leave till I had another one don't worry). I then got a job at JD Sports. This was the quickest job that I progressed in yet. Within the first three months, I got put on a sign off for supervisor at JD Sports Oxford Street, after doing the exam and having to do a lot of public speaking, I managed to get signed off as Supervisor. Not long after that, my manager got moved to another store, Brighton. This is where I was asked to move from my current area to Brighton as Floor Manager (to put this into perspective, this is 4 positions from

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